After spending the past six years worth of brunch in search of the perfect fluffy stack, I have committed to Taby’s. Walk past their charming green awnings at 10 AM and you will see me, second table in front of the window, half way through a black coffee and three chocolate chip pancakes.

I ventured into hipster territory for gourmet gluten free pancake imposters, tried countless diners, and even experimented with savory pancakes in Brooklyn before confirming my initial suspicion: nothing beats Taby’s.

Their charming retro stained glass and linoleum floors couple with incredible food to make for a wholesome meal. In a world of experimental menus and “innovative” eating experiences, it is the lack of change that makes Taby’s so good. They simply do the classics, and do them extremely well.

Pancakes served alone, plastic butter tins, and the oh too sweet taste of maple syrup gives you that little inner smile.

In short–it’s a lovely diner, expected in the best sense of the word.