Caracas Arepa Bar in NYC knows how to make a damn good Arepa! My mom and I woke up this past Saturday craving the flavors of Caracas and we were not disappointed. Whether it be a very deliberate “hipster” hole in the wall,  or genuinely a hole in the wall, the intimate feel and eclectic vibe brought me right back to summers in Caracas. Essentially the corn meal equivalent to an American biscuit, Arepa’s are a staple in any Venezuelans diet. Eaten at every meal, they can be transformed for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I ordered La Del Gato Arepa, a traditional corn meal Arepa base sandwiching fried cheese, sweet plantains, avocado, and chicken. Paired with the house salsa verde, it’s a close second to my grandmothers arepas any day!